Let's Start from the very Beginning!

A very good place to start - with our children, through song and dance

The way we connected with our culture and language was so different when our parents' first migrated to Aotearoa, New Zealand, compared to now. The cultural and language immersion was strong in the home as well as the church. The rule of thumb for most families was: English was to be spoken at school and our Pacific languages spoken within the home.

Fast forward to 2021 and there is a huge disconnect with our Pacific languages and culture; namely generations branching out to 'new age' thinking and breaking away from the traditional churches we grew up in during the 70s, 80s and 90s. Our Pacific language(s) that was once confidently spoken within the home is sadly fading, or non-existent. 

However, this is nothing new. We all know this. Pacific Kids' Learning, like many other parents, cultural enthusiasts, scholars and researchers realised this many years ago. Put simply, the solution is to merge the old with the new - a new way of thinking. A thinking that will open up cultural barriers for the sake of our Pacific learners and the plethora of Pacific diaspora across the globe who yearn for that connection back to their cultural roots - but have nothing readily available for them or their children.

We are years behind in our pursuit of meeting the needs of our young Pacific learners, their futures and to help salvage our beloved Pasifika languages. Our window of opportunity has arrived, well, it arrived many years ago but that window is about to close on us. We must take every action possible for our projects and work to have real impact; to really make a difference before it's too late. We've seen and experienced the cultural disconnect through our Pacific Digital Stories (PDS) workshops.

So as we farewell the official week's celebration of the Rotuman Culture and Language, we are grateful for resources such as these, available freely on YouTube and is the VERY reason why Pacific Kids' Learning was created in the first place. To bring our Pasifika languages through song animations and collaborating with the right people to help fill that digital void.

The PKL Dream in a nutshell: To fill our Pacific homes with Pacific song animations for our young learners - (providing an alternative to what is streaming constantly with the likes of Coco-Melon and Pink Fong).

If we want to ensure the survival of our Pacific languages, we've got to take a Fraulein Maria stance by proudly and promptly taking it back to the very beginning - which is usually a very good place to start! (see what we did there) - with the ABC's and all with our young Pacific learners in mind! 
Children can learn any language effectively and faster through song and dance, and engage a whole lot more through song animations.
We hope you enjoyed Rotuman Language Week!  La’ ma ne’ne’ ‘äe

[Below is the newly created resources by Plunket and Loopy Tunes Music. We played the Welcome song in some of our PDS workshops this week - and our PDS learners loved it - easy to learn!]


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