Restoring a Resilient Nation

After enduring a very traumatic volcano eruption and tsunami that engulfed the nation on Saturday 15th January, Tonga is now working diligently through the recovery process. We are reminded of how the Tongan people have fared many natural disasters, where tropical cyclones are a mere seasonal fixture on the Gregorian calendar. Despite all of its reported horrors of that fateful day which quickly turned into darkness, we can conclude that Tonga is indeed a resilient nation. Their faith in God strengthened more than ever before.

Tonga are again on their way to revitalising its vibrant lifestyle and culture. And one of the many admirable qualities of the Tongan way of living is their sustainable living methods acquired from both the land and sea. Here's a quick look back when Jeremiah Talakai visited his Grandfather in 'Alakifonua, Tonga, a village located in the Eastern District of Tongatapu. Jeremiah and his mother Tasha Talakai, take us on a fun and happy journey into the plantation of his beloved Grandfather and teaches us a thing or two on the benefits of the humble fruit: the Pawpaw, otherwise known as 'Lesi' in the Tongan language - and just as the people of Tonga would say - Fakalata! (the term Fakalata translates to 'joy of life from a Tongan perspective - a joyful place with loved ones') - Video link below.

- Jeremiah Talakai was the 2nd Place winner of our 'Pacific Digital Stories: Tusitala Series' - Junior writing competition. 

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