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Paving the Digital Career Path for Māori and Pasifika Talent

On Wednesday 26th May, Media Design School hosted a platform at their innovative new campus in Wynyard Quarter to kōrero and talanoa about ways Māori and Pasifika art and design forms have become increasingly relevant and dynamic in this digital era.

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Let's Start from the very Beginning!

If we want to ensure the survival of our Pacific languages, we've got to take a Fraulein Maria stance by proudly and promptly taking it back to the very beginning - which is usually a very good place to start! (see what we did there) - with the ABC's and all with our young Pacific learners in mind! Children can learn any language effectively and faster through song and dance, and engage a whole lot more through song animations.

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How Do Children Learn Language?

The best way to promote language development for babies is simply to talk to your child. Babies learn by experiencing (and listening to) the world around them, so the more language they are exposed to the better. Additionally, you can put words to their actions. Talk to them as you would in conversation, pausing for them to respond, then you can say back what you think they might say. However, note that simply talking to them attentively is enough for them to pick up language.

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