Feagaigafou Tupa'i

Feagaigafou Tupa’i known to many as Nainz Tupa’i

Background: Born in Samoa and moved to Hamilton and Tokoroa as a young child, then moved to South Auckland where he is a well-known public figure due to his award-winning musical success, his impact as an influential community leader and for being a loving father and husband, strongly grounded in faith and family. His love for music started at home and in the church, then grew to performing in school and in the wider community. The early heights of his musical career came through the accomplishments of R&B/Pacific Soul group Adeaze, performing and touring together with his brother. Their no.1 singles, platinum records and collaborations with other highly acclaimed artists can attest to their musical prowess. Nainz’ most recent venture is pouring his passion for music into young aspiring talent across South Auckland through SUPA (SaintzUp Performing Arts School). As a facilitator for PKL, he hopes to bring his musical influence to empower young learners in the classroom.

His early passions for music can be greatly attributed to the influence of his parents, especially his late mother Selepa, who was and still is, a source of inspiration for him. As a man of family and faith, Nainz continues to serve his community with the hopes of providing more opportunities for young people across the music and performing arts industries. Nainz is a loving husband to Becks and the father of 6 beautiful children.