The Pacific Digital Stories Project

Pacific Kids' Learning (PKL) have been working voluntarily in the digital space for many years, having identified the lack of online resources for young, Pacific learners. Unfortunately the COVID pandemic has been a stark reminder to our team how crucial and time-sensitive our work is.

The Pacific Digital Stories Project will work with 50 young Pacific learners from schools across South Auckland.

The purpose of our project is to provide a design-thinking space for young Pacific learners, where they will feel confident in their learning abilities, be inspired by their cultures, motivated through song and dance and be confident in who they are as an individual.

As well as an overview of the Pacific and our origins told through the story of the great migration, we will set the foundation for story development and character building by introducing the Molly Bang Theory: How pictures work! Where we utilise simple geometric shapes and connect these ideas back to pacific cultural designs and motifs. Our participating students will learn the basic principles and processes of animation and will be utilising the effective digital story app and iPad to make their stories come to life.
Subsequently, the end product will be the production of 15 unique Pacific digital stories, narrated and co-designed by students and their families, to be shared as a free online reading resource for communities to use, in the classroom or via remote learning.

Our long-term goal would be to build a sustainable project that not only grows community access to digital bi-lingual resources across many Pacific languages, but adds to the literacy output of our participating schools and encourages co-collaboration with our local communities.

We envisage that the PKL Digital Stories Project will be delivered over 10 in-class workshops, two hours per session, 1 session per week with some preparation for the Pacific Digital Stories Showcase where we will invite a limited number of families and school staff to see what our young storytellers have been working on.
If you'd like to know more or register your interest, please email us:

We look forward to working with you soon!